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Graphic Recordings

Foundation for Social Connection 2023

A day of discussions with community leaders in San Antonio, Texas surrounding social connection and solutions for loneliness within the city.

Community Solutions.png

TuneBugz! Visioning Conference


An Executive Retreat focused on the 3-year plan for TuneBugz! Music Center and shift into wellness.


Creative Healing Workshop: Leaning into Messiness


An art-centered workshop around leaning into your inner critic and learning to let go within the process.


Texas Health Consortium 2022

I worked with The Texas Health Institute to capture their annual Health Consortium, discussing the needs of the rural community and the role of legislation within this issue. 

A&M Health Summit 2022

Graphic Recordings I did for a Health Summit for Health Tech Austin and A&M Health. They contain several different panel discussions about Health Equity in Texas


City of Hyattsville

Illustrations for the City of Hyattsville, Maryland. The images were used in a commercial that encourages people to run for City counsel. 

March 2021

Reimaging Bookstores

A live graphic recording session with Kempler's Literacy Foundation and Reimaging Bookstores. It contained an interview with the author of "I've Never Thought of it Like That" and a group discussion afterwards.

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 1.28.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 1.28.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 1.28.26 PM.png

Women of Hospitality Conference 2021

3 Graphic Recordings I did back in November 2021 for Women of Hospitality in Wilmington, Delaware. The work consisted of 2 panels and 3 speakers. 

WOH 2021- Graphic Facilitation Being.png
WOH 2021- Personal Brand Full.png
WOH 2021 - Personal Brand 3.png
WOh 2021 Personal Brand title.png
WOH 2021 - Personal Brand 2.png
WOH 2021 - Personal Brand 4.png
WOH 2021- Breaking Barriers Full.png
WOH 2021- Breaking Barriers 1.png
WOH 2021- Breaking Barriers 5.png
WOH 2021- Breaking Barriers 2.png
WOH 2021- Breaking Barriers 3.png
WOH 2021- Breaking Barriers 4.png


A live graphic recording session talking about the benefits of using Spatial Chat in Facilitation.


X Elle Ventures

Graphic Illustration explaining the process of Angel Investing.

September 2020

Intro to Angel Investing-Summary.jpg
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